8 Nisan 2011 Cuma

"Fade Away" - Craig Gray

Grand Theft Auto 3 - GTA III

Head Radio

Beni Geçmişe Götüren Şarkılar;

2002 yılına dönmek için tıklayınız.

She looks out of her window
Only seeing her own reflection
Silent eyes that stare back to the distance

Put it on the window pane
Distorts her pretty face
She feels thats what she looks like everyday

Looking down towards the floor
Back up through the window
She sighs a misty breath
The ghost without a haunted end

Street light fills her empty room,
Dark clouds are only seen,
She goes back to her bed to try to
sleep her nightmares away

Fade away, Fade away.
She's gonna fade away, fade away.

Nightmares they are recurring
One stare she could turn and face
Screaming down with all her might
To see everyone die

One day she'll have the courage,
To do what she wants to do,
End the life of misery,
And for once be happy

She's gonna fade away, fade away.

DJ: Yeah the rock of Liberty City, Im DJ
  Michael Hunt. Last weekend when we were
  bradcasting from the food court in the mall,
  a fan said to me "Mike why do you always
  use Sheezy Clieshes? cant you say something
  original for once?"
  Hey! I'm not here to be original, I'm here
  to rock! Rock around the clock 24-7 dudes,
  Non-Stop rock here on Head Radio.

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